8006AVD AVD Models 1/43 Forklift AP-4014


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Vendor code: 8006AVD

Manufacturer: AVD Models

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the Forklift truck is equipped with a 55.2 kW (75 HP) carburetor engine with a shaft speed of 2800 rpm and a manual transmission, as well as power steering, hydraulic brakes, Parking brakes with a mechanical drive for the transmission. 
the Power plant in the loaders are GAZ-51 automobile engines with clutch and transmission, as well as a number of other automotive parts. 
the Main components of Lviv forklifts up 4014 and up-4014М are mechanism-reverse, propeller shaft, chassis frame, hydraulic, forklift, directional control valves, cylinders, lifting, tilting and lifting mechanism.
Glazed and heated cab and driver's seat are made in accordance with the requirements of ergonomics. The machine can operate in open areas with hard coating at temperatures from -40 to 40 °C.
the Carriage of the lifting mechanism is adapted to the installation of various types of attachments, which ensures the versatility of the forklift.

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Vendor code: 8006AVD
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