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02827 1/48 Trumpeter Hawker Sea Hawk Mk Aircraft.100 / Mk.One hundred one


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Vendor code: 02827

Manufacturer: Trumpeter

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Sea Hawk began to enter service in 1953. Already by 1955, the characteristics of the aircraft were recognized as mediocre, which led to a change in the qualification of the aircraft from a fighter to a stormtrooper. The aircraft was equipped with a more powerful engine and pylons for the installation of external weapons. In total, the British Navy built 434 aircraft, a record number for British deck-based aircraft. The aircraft was removed from service with the Royal air force in 1960 year, but the history of "sea hawk" does not end here. The machine had great export success, the last copy was received by the Indian air force in 1984.  Sea Hawk FGA MK.100/101 was a special version developed for Germany. MK.100-day fighter - bomber, for use only in good weather, Mk 101 can be used in bad weather. As part of the German air force aircraft operated until the mid-sixties, until they were replaced F 104 Zvezdafighter.

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