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37016 MiniArt 1/35 Soviet tank T-55 early version 1965 with interior


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Vendor code: 37016

Manufacturer: MiniArt

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Simultaneously with the tank T-54B, the Soviet Army was adopted and established on its basis tank T-55. The first car entered the army in 1958, and the first public demonstration of the T-55 took place in November 1961 during a military parade in Moscow. The combat weight, armament and armor of the T-55 have not changed, but the use of tanks,racks allowed to increase the ammunition of the gun to 43 shots and fuel up to 680 liters. There was no anti-aircraft gun. The new machine had a fully sealed body and was structurally prepared to overcome deep water obstacles. Full sealing was made possible by removing the fan, which was previously placed in the roof of the tower in front of the charging seat. In turn, the sealing of the hull allowed to install a system of protection against weapons of mass destruction on the tank. There was an x-ray counter in the car.

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