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05549 Trumpeter 1/35 90MS Tank


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Vendor code: 05549

Manufacturer: Trumpeter

Availability: Are available

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the T-90 with an 840 HP engine went into production in 1993 based on a prototype of the designated T-88. From the usual layout of the T-90 is a major update for each system in the T-72, including the main gun. The t-90S was defined as an export model. T-90 is equipped with a "three-tiered" protection system: the first tier is the composite armour in the turret, second tier is third generation Kontakt-5 ERA and third tier is a Shtora-1 countermeasures Suite.

model Length - 293 mm

model Width - 110 mm

Number of parts - 1000+ PCs.

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Внимание! Клей и краски в набор модели не входит.

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Vendor code: 05549
05549 Trumpeter 1/35 90MS Tank