By clicking on the "Personal account" button at the top of the screen You can change your personal data, view your pre-orders, track the status of orders.

Click on the "Personal account" button at the top of the screen.

In the tab "Personal data" you can change: Login, password, Surname, Name, Patronymic, Index and address, phone, e-mail.

As well as subscribe or unsubscribe to the newsletter and to the newsletter about changing the status of orders.


By clicking on the "Orders" button You will be taken to the history of your orders.

Here you can see:

1. Order number and date,

2. Form of payment,

3. Order value,

4. The cost of the order including shipment,

5. Order status,

6. Payment status,

7. e-mail,

8. Postal identifier of the shipment,

9. Your comment to the order,

10. Tracking-on it You can track where your parcel is,

11. Products-list all items in the order.


By clicking on the "pre-Orders" button You can view all your pre-orders.

As soon as the position you need is available you will automatically receive a notification to Your e-mail.