Delivery of the order is carried out in the following ways:


1. Courier (Moscow and the city of the nearest Moscow region)

The date and time of delivery is discussed by the Manager of the online store with the buyer by phone or e-mail.  The operator communicates with the buyer within a day from the moment of registration of the order by You, as a rule, delivery is possible the next day after coordination of details of Your application.

You can meet the courier not only at a specific address, but also at the nearest metro station for You.

The cost of delivery in Moscow (within Moscow ring road) is 310 r.

The cost of delivery in Moscow (to the metro) is 210 r.

If the cost of the order is more than 3000 r in Moscow ( within the Moscow ring road), the cost of delivery is 150 r.

*This offer is valid for retail customers only. Wholesale representatives do not participate in it. 

The cost of delivery to the nearest Moscow region depends on the distance of Your city from the ring road, if Your city is not in the price list, you can check it with the operator by phone or e-mail.

Shipping rates  


2. The Russian post, EMS Russian Post (we ship orders outside of the Russian Federation).

Sending orders by Russian Post is carried out both within the Russian Federation and abroad. 

It is possible to send your order by cash on delivery on the territory of the Russian Federation. Sending abroad is made only after full payment of the order.

As a rule, Your order is transferred to the sorting point of "Russian Post" on the next working day after its confirmation.

The shipment number and order status changes in Your personal account 2 working days after shipment.

To the cost of shipping costs online store scale scale models

"I-Modeler" additionally charges a fee for the packaging of the cargo.


In the package included :

- wrapping cargo with air bubble wrap

- use of corrugated packaging

- use of branded adhesive tape ( except for sending parcels to settlements limited to the use of exclusively "Air mail" and "1 class" items»)

- the use of a fabric bag ( when sending heavy parcels, non-standard goods, as well as when sending parcels to settlements limited to the use of exclusively "Air mail", when sending by "Combined" method).

The tariff of the cost of packaging varies from 50 r to 80 r, depending on the weight, volume and destination of the cargo.

The cost of packaging is included in the total cost of shipping.

Cargo insurance is a very important element of delivery.

We do not underestimate the estimated value of Your parcel, because we are responsible for the safety of the goods.

In case of loss of the parcel by the postal staff, we take care that the goods were received by the recipient in full.


 3. Transport company "Business Lines"

The list of cities available for shipment of goods of this TC, see the website


4. The transport company sdek.

SDEK is a very fast and modern option of delivery of orders, more than 300 cities in service.The average delivery time is 2-4 days.

The ability to pay for the order by cash on delivery, as in "Russian Post".

You can pick up your order at the terminal in Your city, as well as order courier delivery to the door.

The operator of the store "I-Modeler" will be happy to calculate the cost of delivery and advise you which way will be more convenient and comfortable for You.

Link to the company's website


5. Pickup

You can also pick Up your order yourself from the point of issue. 


The us region, Elektrostal street East of building 3 ( entrance from the street)