What does this or that order status in the online store " I am a MODELER" 

1. Handles 

You have placed an order and received an e-mail that the order has been accepted for processing. 

From now on, the application is in our database. The operator prints the order form and sends it to the warehouse for the actual formation, weighing and determining the dimensions of the cargo. 

Processing can take from a few minutes to a day, depending on the workload of the warehouse, promotions, seasonal holidays. 

If the application processing time in Your time zone is more than 21.00, the operator will no longer call you. He will send you an email with all the details and clarifications on the order. 

In the same letter on the electron is sent in the case of nedogona if at the time of the call operator Your phone is not responding or disabled. 

The reservation period of such an order is 5 days from the date of its confirmation. 

2. Confirmed

Your order has already been processed by the operator, the shipping costs are put down. 

In case of cash on delivery-the cargo is Packed and sent to the sorting post office. 

There it undergoes quantum processing:

all parcels are entered in the lists F103, attached postal documents, there is a control weighing, assigned a SPY number (tracking). 

In case of prepayment-you are billed for payment by e - mail, the electronic payment button in the personal account is activated

3. Paid

Cash on delivery-the goods are delivered to the buyer, the money from the settlement center of the mail came to us on the settlement account 

In case of prepayment-the money for the application came to our account, the order is sent.  

In the paid order additions are not accepted. Since after the payment order immediately goes to the packaging, it is printed documents and assigned a serial number in the form for shipment. 

4. Shipped

The status of the order changes to sent only 2 working days after the actual transfer of the order to the sorting point of mail. 

Why, you ask ? 

After sending the consignment, one working day is required for "postal workers" to prepare the consignment, only on the second day the consignment begins its actual movement. 

That is, if you have a shipment on Monday, the parcel will start tracking on Tuesday. Tracking itself will appear in your account only on Wednesday. 

In fact, you will receive a parcel faster than when sending from the usual post office, because all parcels from any post office follow the nearest sorting point. And from there they begin to move in their own directions. 

5. Delivered

Cash on delivery, Express delivery - Your order has arrived safely to You.

In case of overlap, again, the money comes much later than the actual payment. If you want to change the status immediately after payment, send us an e-mail scan of the paid postal receipt and the application number. 

In case of prepayment-the status of "Delivered" is changed after the buyer's request, because we do not receive automatic notifications from "Russian Post" about the receipt of the goods by the client.