What is tracking? 

The tracking number for the package Your parcel in the postal system. 

Tracking is divided into :

1. Postal (sending via " Russian Post"),

2. Transport company (sending TC "SDEK" or TC " Business Lines")

By tracking You can track the location Of your cargo.

Postal tracking is tracked on the website of "Mail of Russia" https://www.pochta.ru/tracking#

Tracking TC "SDEK" - see the link http://www.edostavka.ru/track.html

Tracking TC "Business Lines" - see the link http://www.dellin.ru/tracker/

When will my tracking be available? 

When sending an application through the "Russian Post" tracking appears in Your personal account after 2 working days from the date of sending the order. 

This is due to the fact that the order is not sent manually in the usual way through the post office, but through the corporate service center of legal entities (mail sorting center).

Orders are shipped in batches. 

That is, all shipments are divided into batches of 30 orders in one list. Are entered in special postal forms F103. 

Ready lists and parties are numbered. You can see this when you receive the parcel, the box will be marked with a Roman numeral-this is the number of the list, as well as Arabic-the number of Your parcel in the party. 

Next, the mail machine comes to our warehouse and produces a fence cargo. 

We can not know what time the mail will arrive, the arrival interval varies from the workload of the driver. This can be as 8 morning, so and 12 days. 

After the arrival of the party at the sorting center, the correspondence is processed: control weighing, sticker of accompanying documents, assignment of SPIES (tracking).

The next day, the parcels leave the sorting office and begin their movement towards You. 

If the parcel was sent on Monday, then on Monday it came to the sorting point, on Tuesday it went to You, on Wednesday we watch tracking in Your personal account. 

Please note that on Saturdays and Sundays coprorations center is not working. 

That is, when sending cargo on Friday, it will start moving only on Monday, and you will see the track only on Tuesday. 

This procedure is mandatory for legal entities. Otherwise sending through the mail is impossible. 

Therefore, we ask you to understand if the operator can not combine Your next order with the previous one in view of the fact that he has already left our warehouse. 




On time delivery through the corporate center is actually faster than through the usual post office, TC. the cargo passes the acceptance link . So on delivery You win from one day to two. 

Below is the route of the parcel from the post office (Fig.1), from the corporate center (Fig.2).




What to do if the tracking does not appear? 

Please contact our contact phone numbers listed on the website or write to our e-mail. 

Tracking by transport companies appear in Your personal account in 1-2 days from the date of dispatch.