Make an order on our website is very simple:

Select the product you are interested in and click "add to cart". You can put one, two, several items in the cart.
If necessary, adjust Your order and click"Recalculate". Choose the form of payment and delivery.  
If you want us to pack your order in a gift box, then before placing an order, put a "Daw" in the box " wrap in a gift box.

Choose your favorite color of the film, you can add a bow and a holiday card. Click the "add to order" button.

We can also sign a postcard on Your behalf.


 If you want delivery to the address specified in the registration-leave the field "postal code "and" address " blank. If the address has changed - write it.  You can leave your comment to the order in the "comment" column.

After ordering, click"Checkout".    



Once you have clicked the "Checkout" button, an email will automatically be sent to Your email address with the following text: "Your order has been accepted for processing. In the near future, the store Manager will contact You to clarify the details of the shipment."

This means that the Manager of our store will call the phone number you specified to clarify the details of sending the order (confirm the availability of goods in stock, announce the method, time and cost of delivery/postage). If the Manager is unable to contact you by phone, all information on the order will be sent to Your email address.

The order is sent only after your confirmation!

Please note that glue and paint are not included. If desired, you can order them separately.