The store "I-MODELER" has a cumulative system of discounts. 

Discounts are put down after the client addresses to shop by:

electronic letter;


through the comment to the order. 

Why after treatment-you ask, and not automatically? 

Due to the fact that the discount system is tied to Your account, and therefore to Your login. Since the discount is activated only for regular customers with unspoiled purchase history (no refunds), often buyers try to cheat the system and re-register with a new account. We need time to check the database for the absence of returns on orders. It also happens that the buyer forgets the password and creates a new account, not wanting to restore it. Only because of these technical difficulties, we ask you to send a request for a discount. Unfortunately, it is not possible to adjust the verification procedure automatically. 

The discount is put down to the buyer at the total cost of orders excluding delivery to the amount : 

from 15000 RUB-3%

from 30000 RUB-5%

from 45000 RUB-7%

What if you have accumulated savings for the next discount threshold ? 

You received your next order, and the status of the application did not have time to change. You have accumulated 30,000 r and want to increase the discount. 

Just write an appeal or specify in the comments to the new order, a request for an increase in the percentage of the discount. 

Money from cash on delivery from the mail is returned much later than the actual payment. Therefore, we will be only too happy if you inform us that you have redeemed another application and make a request for an increase in the percentage of the discount. 

This does not happen automatically. 

Please note that the discount does not apply to goods passing on the special offer. The discount does not add up to the shares. 

From the moment of activation of the discount in Your account, the prices on the site become perecherknuty red. From now On, you see the prices already with its account. 

What to do if the discount "flew"? 

In this case, you need to contact the store in any convenient form for You, call the name and percentage of the discount, the operator will restore the discount. 

Basically, the discount "flies" in the case of password recovery. 

You will notice it is very simple, the prices on the site will be black.