GB on T-62 under the judging of Miguel Jimenez

So, our dear amigos, we are finally ready to reveal the cards and present to you the very large-scale project that we have been working on all this time, and which will combine a pre-order, an exclusive super-upgrade, an international-level competition platform and the participation of real legends of the modeling world in the person of the well-known Spanish firm AmmoMig or personally the weathering man of all modeling Miguel Jimenez! Didn't expect it? Whether it will still be! It's time to say: "T-62, A (mmo)MIGo!"

The essence of the competition is extremely simple – to place a pre-order-Upgrade for the upcoming T-62 release in 1/35 scale from the Zvezda company on our website and complete the construction by 02/15/2022.


Dates: until 02/15/2022

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GB on "Loaf" at the judging of the publication "Tseykhauz"

If one of you is "worried" about the modeling community and the whole country appreciating your modeling skills, then it's time to "bake a loaf".

Of course, we are not talking about black bread (although we also fully respect and approve of such skills :), but about a new hit supernova from the domestic giants of the Zvezda market, for which we recently announced a grand UPGRADE with cool gifts and !!!dozens!!! discount offers for exclusive add-ons! If someone has not had time to place a pre-order yet, run to fix it).

After all, only in this case you will have a unique chance to participate in our new large-scale group building with fantastic gifts and a chance to become famous at the national level! 

 конкурс моделистов

Dates of the event: until 01.04.2022

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