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Антон 25.06.2021

Hello, when is the expected replenishment of paints and mud slush or dirt sets from. AK INTERACTIVE.

Hello, Anton.

AK Interactive products are expected to arrive in July.


Алексей 10.05.2021

Dear I am a Modeler,and when is the ICM company expected to arrive, specifically the Chernobyl#2 set?

Hello, Alexey. The specified set has already arrived at the warehouse and is available for order on our website: https://i-modelist.ru/goods/model/miniatjury/icm/2208/60706.html

Максим 04.04.2021

Hello. When can I expect a 1/350 HobbyBoss deposit ?

Hello, Maxim.


The next arrival is expected approximately in the first half of May.

Борис 09.03.2021

Hello. I got my big order. Thanks. Again, everything came very quickly and efficiently. Good luck to you!

Hello, Boris.


Thank you very much for your order and great feedback. We are very happy to work with you, and look forward to your new orders. 

Аркадий 04.03.2021

But the desired model specifically T-55 is still not available. No notifications are received. What happened? Or did you refuse to cooperate with a Ukrainian company?

Hello, Arkady.


Unfortunately, due to the tense epidemiological situation in the world and the associated logistical and other difficulties, SKIF products are not expected to arrive in the near future. 

Андрей 27.02.2021

Good afternoon! Tell me when will the Eureka 72 scale be delivered) Very much looking forward) thank you in advance;)

Hello, Andrey.


Unfortunately, the supply of this company is no longer available. 

Игорь Надеев 26.02.2021

Thank you for the prompt delivery. The store is very good. I was pleased with the difference in prices compared to Moscow stores.

Hello, Igor.


Thank you for your kind words to our store. We are very happy to work and develop for All our clients to make their favorite hobby even more enjoyable and exciting.

Юрий 14.02.2021

Hello! I ordered from you MAZ 5516 was very pleased with the package and very pleased that the VKS is constantly updated with the possibility of tuning. I will order from you still very much like the attitude to the client. Respect to you.

Hello, Yuri.


Thank you so much for your order and such a flattering review. We are very happy to work for you and all our customers, and constantly improve the level of our service and expand the range for even greater convenience for all our customers. We look forward to receiving your new orders. 

Максим 22.01.2021

Good evening. Maybe you'd like to start a telegram channel for the store? Very convenient.

Hello, Maxim.


We will definitely consider this possibility, and we will try to implement it as soon as possible. 

Герман 01.01.2021

Dear colleagues! I congratulate you on the New 21 year! Of course, health, family well-being, financial stability and grateful customers! Sincerely, your regular customer, Herman.

Hello, Herman.


Thank you so much for your congratulations! Let us, on behalf of our entire friendly team, congratulate you and all our customers on the New Year holidays and wish you good luck and happiness in the new year!

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