Tamiya 87102 Liquid for applying decals 40 ml. glass jar.


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Vendor code: 87102

Manufacturer: Tamiya

Availability: Not available

Additional Information

Liquid for applying decals 87102 Mark Fit allows you to apply decals perfectly. Mark Fit softens the decal, so it is easy to apply to the rough, rounded and matte surfaces of your model's plastic, providing better fixation. The cap is provided with a brush.


1) Apply Mark Fit to the place of the model where the decal will be placed.
2) Apply the decal to the model.
3) place the decal on the model more Precisely.
4) Use a soft cloth or cotton swab to gently press down on the decal until excess water is absorbed.
5) Apply Mark Fit over the decal and gently press down on the decal.
6) Wait until the decal is completely dry.

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