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it's voodoo time! Will you be able to cast a curse and discover a real shaman in yourself? 

the Essence of the game, like Voodoo techniques, is very simple - and it's even more fascinating. The game consists of ingredient cards and recipes (memory cards). The game lasts three rounds and in each of them wins the player who is the fastest to get rid of their cards ingredients. In "Voodoo Mania" everyone goes at the same time and as fast as they can. Players need to notice: what color ingredient is missing on the top voodoo card of the deck, lying in the center. Having understood which ingredient is missing, the player can perform one of two possible actions. In the first case, you can find a card with the missing ingredient on hand and put it on top of the Voodoo deck. It should loudly announce created by the spell. In the second - find a similar card with the missing ingredient and shouts loudly: "Voodoo!". All players except the shouted one have to take one extra card and put it down their personal decks of ingredients. During the game you can play as many rounds as you want and determine the most powerful shaman.

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Vendor code: 8918
Voodoo star