6235 Zvezda The Great Patriotic War. The Berlin operation "crossing of the Oder»

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the First of a series of sets dedicated to the battles of the final period of the great Patriotic war, which will allow you to play the battles of the first stage of the Berlin operation in 1945. This set is completely independent: the entire campaign can be played exclusively by the contents of the box. The new campaign rules will allow players to change their armies at the expense of additional sets of other arms.
and the book of scenarios of this and subsequent sets: "Battle for Seelow heights" and "Storm of Berlin", are connected by the General plot and can be played out as one big campaign.
< br />composition:

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    < li>17 infantry figures< / li> < li>1 tank model< / li>
  • 1 model aircraft< / li> < li>1 gun model< / li>
  • 4 playing fields< / li> < li>14 game cards< / li> < li>10 Game dice< / li>
  • 2 Markers< / li> < li>2 player Memos< / li> < li>Engineering structures< / li> < li>rule Book< / li> < li>campaign Book< / li> < / ul>

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