AK9030 AK Interactive RED & BLUE INTERIOR COLORS (Red and blue interior)


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Vendor code: AK9030

Manufacturer: AK Interactive

Availability: Not available

Additional Information

the Perfect acrylic paint set to paint the interiors of cars, vans and trucks with blue or red upholstery. The perfect combination of colors to create realistic highlights or shadows in the interiors of civilian cars. Use them individually or in combination to create different effects and color transitions.

Set contains:

-AK9031 Orange
-AK707 Middle Brown
-AK740 Red
-AK4254 Light Blue
-AK4253 Intermediate Blue
-AK4252 Sea Blue

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Attention!!! Acrylic based paint is not frost resistant. When placing an order in the winter time of the year with temperatures below zero, this paint is sold without a return guarantee in case of loss of primary properties.

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