Vallejo Elf Skintone 72704

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Vendor code: 72704

Manufacturer: Vallejo

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Additional Information

Game air is a set of water-based paints designed specifically for airbrush operation. The color palette was developed in collaboration with modelers specializing in dioramas and fantasy figures. The paint is perfectly applied to any surface, including plastic, iron and light metal, only in the case of working with dark surfaces, it is necessary to apply a layer of primer before painting, to capture the brightness of the final color. 

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Внимание!!! Краска на основе акрила, не являются морозоустойчивой. Прт оформлении order в зимнее time года с температурой ниже нуля данная краска продается без гарантии возврата в случае утери первичных свойств. 

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