AMIG4760 Ammo Mig "Weathering"Magazine. ISSUE 11. (in Russian)

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the Only modeling magazine in the world devoted exclusively to coloring and weathering. For the first time, you are presented with a very interesting and attractive for many modelers theme – 1945. For many, this year marks the culmination of the evolution of camouflage schemes and equipment of the German army. A special range of which includes a variety of colors, ground equipment and aviation. Moreover, technique in this year, had a special external kind of and camouflage, characteristic only for this time. The Weather Magazine takes a journey into the past through the coloring and effects shown in a detailed "step by step" format, by some of the best modelers in the world. This is undoubtedly the best edition of TWM to date, with a unique colorful design and countless articles showing different coloring styles.

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