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170068 1/700 Scale Model Of The Liner "Titanic"

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the Titanic is the largest passenger ship of the early 20th century (great Britain). It was built in 1911. The displacement of more than 46 300 tons, the length is about 269 m, width of 28.2 m, speed 25 knots, double bottom, engine capacity of 50 thousand horsepower, the height from the keel to the end of the pipe is 53 meters. Launched on 31 may 1911. During the first voyage from the city of Southampton (UK) to new York (USA[en]) in April 1912 sank, colliding with an iceberg. The death toll, according to various sources, from 1400 to 1517 people (total on Board about 2200 people).
the Death of the Titanic on April 14, 1912 is one of the greatest sea disasters of the 20th century. When the ship collided with an iceberg, the silent film "The Poseidon Adventure" was broadcast in the cinema of the liner, in which the passengers of a large sinking liner were desperately fighting for survival.
Zvezdaboard side of the ship was a strut from the stem for 90 meters. The wreckage of the deceased liner remained intact until the American-French expedition — American marine archaeologist Robert bollard and his French colleagues found them on September 1, 1985 in 325 miles (about 800 km) from the coast to the South-East of the canadian island of Newfoundland.

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Vendor code: 170068
170068 1/700 Scale Model Of The Liner

25$ 18$