AMIG7147 Ammo Mig MODERN RUSSIAN VEHICLES WEATHERING SET (set of oils for modern Russian armored vehicles)


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Vendor code: AMIG7147

Manufacturer: Ammo Mig

Availability: Are available

Additional Information

the Kit includes all the basic and necessary mixtures for the weathering of most modern Russian armored vehicles, whether monotonous green or common modern camouflage.

The set includes five enamel mixtures of 35ml each:

A. MIG-1005 DARK BROWN WASH FOR GREEN VEHICLES (Dark brown wash for green technology)

A. MIG-1203 STREAKING GRIME (dirt Stains)

A. MIG-1400 KURSK SOIL (Kursk earth)

A. MIG-1506 BROWN FOR DARK GREEN (Brown for dark green)

A. MIG-3014 RUSSIAN EARTH (Russian land)

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