6221 Zvezda Ministarter "Tank battle"

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Additional Information

In the game "Tank battle" players will be able to play exciting tank battles of the great Patriotic war. For novice players who are just getting acquainted with the game system Art of Tactic, this set will be a great start, thanks to the small number of units to manage that do not require complex rules and special orders. For experienced players who are already familiar with the game system Art of Tactic, this set will be a worthy strengthening of the army, because it is in this set for the first time there are unique teams of veterans who have no equal in type. Also, players will be able to expand their battlefield with the help of new additional game fields, which now have even more build options.

package Including:

- German light tank Pz.Kpfw. II
- German light tank Pz.Kpfw.38 (T)
- German medium tank Pz-IV AUSF.D
- Soviet light tank T-26
- Soviet light tank BT-5
- Soviet medium tank T-34/76
- 5 cubes
- 2 markers
- 2 cotton pads
- 6 card units
- Assembly instructions
- 4 playing fields (240x155mm)
- Rules
- script Book

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