6198 Zvezda 1/72 German infantry in winter uniform 1941-1945

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Manufacturer: Zvezda

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Set "German infantry in winter form" a great addition to a series of mini-sets of the game system Art of Tactic. Modelers will appreciate the high detail and ease of Assembly. The set will be included in the upcoming military Board game "Battle for Moscow". This mini-set will expand the game with new units and diversify the gameplay. 


battle-Hardened war veterans in the West quickly realized that an easy walk to the East would not work. The German army already for the first 2 weeks fighting has lost more, than in Poland and in France, to winter many experienced soldiers and commanders were killed. The Germans were not prepared for such weather, not enough warm clothes and uniforms, the Germans were wasting gasoline and kerosene for heating, instead of using it. The rear was far behind, tanks and aircraft refused to start in this weather, and winter uniforms were unsuitable for the war in Russia. German soldiers to keep warm, took away warm clothes from peasants and prisoners, and also removed from dead red army men.

Use of infantry in Art of Tactic:

In the game the German infantry company costs 12 points and corresponds to this price completely. The disadvantages include a small range of defeat of the enemy.

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