6208 Zvezda 1/72 Soviet 82-mm mortar with calculation 1941-1943 (winter)

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Soviet 82-mm mortar was a powerful mobile infantry support in the early WWII and subsequent years of the war. The scale model copies the prototype of the squad in detail, presenting the highest quality product to the modelers. Players will be able to use the squad as a combat unit in the game system Art of Tactic. Low price and easy Assembly.


Soviet artillery was well prepared for winter. In addition to warm clothing and white paint to mask, a mortar received a sled to transport mortars and ammunition boxes. This allowed us to move quickly in combat, using tactics of the nomadic batteries, in order to create the enemy, the appearance of a large quantity of his artillery.

Use of mortar in Art of Tactic:

In the game mortar is a mandatory attribute of any army. Low cost, high permeability and infantry bonuses on the ground makes him a valuable figure on the battlefield. In addition, mortars can fire from closed positions and thus be invulnerable to the enemy.

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