6199 Zvezda 1/72 Soviet skiers

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the Harsh climate of Russia has long taught the population to use skis as a means of transportation in winter. Public transport as a class appeared much later than the end of the war, so it is not surprising that almost the entire population of the USSR perfectly went skiing. In the Winter war ski battalions are well established, so with the onset of cold weather, in 1941, the mass formation of separate ski battalions. First of all, young and healthy people – Komsomol members and athletes-were recruited into the ski resorts, they were excellent skiers, knew how to shoot accurately, bravely endured cold and hardships. Skiers were widely used in reconnaissance and flanking rounds of fortified points of the enemy. Maskhalat white color allowed them to blend in with the terrain in any weather, and ski allowed to walk where due to the thickness of snow cannot pass by people and equipment. Massively ski battalions were used in the winter of 1941 on all fronts, from Rostov on don to Volkhov.

Using squad in Art of Tactic:

In the game on the winter fields, skiers are the most valuable unit. They have no penalty when driving on snow and cost only 13 points. From cons – tankoboyazn, inability to fight with tanks in ranged combat and the first protection.

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Vendor code: 6199
6199 Zvezda 1/72 Soviet skiers