6187 Zvezda 1/72 Soviet aircraft

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As the Maestro said in Leonid Bykov's immortal film "only old men go Into battle": "Here are your nannies – mechanics", this is how aviation equipment looked in the Soviet air force. It technicians were preparing the aircraft for the flight: they refueled, reloaded, put stars on the Board in honor of the victory, was repairing the car after a heated air battle. Entering the flight school, Soviet boys and girls the first years in addition to the flying art and studied the plane from the inside, it was assumed that the pilot himself will be able to repair his car, but the increased speed and terrible overload squeezed out of the pilot all the juices. When the pilot sat down, the plane was engaged in his reliable friend and friend – aviation mechanic. Day and night, in the pouring rain and in the 30 - degree cold, these inconspicuous and non-heroic, at first glance, people did their important and necessary work. No wonder many of them at the end of the war received orders and medals – the Motherland and the government highly appreciated the role of ordinary war workers, without whom no plane would not have taken to the air.

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Vendor code: 6187
6187 Zvezda 1/72 Soviet aircraft

3$ 2$