6144 Zvezda 1/72 Soviet border guards

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Border troops in the USSR were a kind of elite. Commanders and soldiers were specially selected and trained in the wisdom of service at the border. The service was complex and responsible. In 20-30 years on the borders of the new Soviet state were often sparked clashes and provocation that Soviet soldiers were taught not to give in and to stop attempts to cross the border and enemy agents, and even entire gangs. By the beginning of 1941, the USSR had become a big and strong power, pushing its borders to new territories. Border troops met the war the first, and the first forced the Germans to retreat and escape. On suppression of border positions, the German command took 30 minutes, and they could stand week. I will never forget the names of the glorious Motherland border – kizhevatova, Lopatin, and many others.

Using the mini-kit in Art of Tactic:

In the game, the border guards are the strongest Soviet infantry in terms of price and quality. The second defense, excellent morale and high firepower make this unit the most preferred when recruiting troops for the Red army.

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Vendor code: 6144
6144 Zvezda 1/72 Soviet border guards

3$ 2$