6195 Zvezda 1/100 German tank destroyer Ferdinand

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Another addition to the collection of miniature armored vehicles on a scale of 1/100 is a model of the German self-propelled artillery unit "elephant", better known as "Ferdinand" (named after the designer Ferdinand Porsche who developed this ACS). The history of this self-propelled artillery unit dates back to 1942, when prototypes of heavy tanks developed by Porsche and Henschel were tested. The tank, designed by Ferdinand Porsche, lost the test; however, it was decided to create a self-propelled artillery unit based on the chassis of the tank. "Ferdinand" carried a powerful armor and were armed with 88-mm guns, but they had a number of design flaws, in particular, poor permeability and lack of anti-personnel weapons. In total, about 90 such self-propelled artillery units were built.

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Vendor code: 6195
6195 Zvezda 1/100 German tank destroyer Ferdinand