6213 Zvezda 1/100 German super-heavy tank "mouse»


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Vendor code: 6213

Manufacturer: Zvezda

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the design Of the superheavy Maus tank was started by designer Ferdinand Porsche in 1942. In the end, were built two prototypes of this tank underwent trials in 1944 - early 1945 Tank "Maus" was never put into production. In April 1945, due to the approach of Soviet troops to the landfill, both prototypes were blown up. Nevertheless, one of the captured "Maus" managed to be restored, after which he was taken to the landfill in Kubinka, where he is to this day.

Number of parts - 18 PCs.

model Length - 10.6 cm.

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Vendor code: 6213
6213 Zvezda 1/100 German super-heavy tank