6240 Zvezda 1/100 German medium tank T-4N

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Vendor code: 6240

Manufacturer: Zvezda

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Additional Information

model Length: 5 cm.

Number of parts: 14 PCs

By its PZ construction.IV was very close to Pz.lll, but having almost the same overall dimensions, was distinguished by a wider body and a large diameter of the tower epaulet, which initially laid a certain reserve for its modernization. The booked volume provided normal work of the crew of 5 people and accommodation of equipment.

Pz.IV has been repeatedly modernized, it was released in different years 9 modifications of the Pz.IV Ausf.A to Pz.IV Ausf.J .

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Vendor code: 6240
6240 Zvezda 1/100 German medium tank T-4N