AMIG0001 Ammo Mig RAL 6003 OLIVGRUN OPT.1 (Olive green, option 1)


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Vendor code: AMIG0001

Manufacturer: Ammo Mig

Availability: Not available

Additional Information

high Quality water-based acrylic paint. Green camouflage color (dark version) was applied to German equipment from January 1943. Was also used as a base color from February 1945. The dark shade is achieved by proper application and careful surface coating. The paint formula is specially designed for maximum performance when using brushes and airbrushes. Soluble in water, odorless, non-toxic, completely dry in 24 hours. Shake before each use.

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Внимание! Краска на основе акрила не является морозоустойчивой. При оформлении order в зимнее time года с температурой ниже нуля данная краска продается без гарантии возврата в случае утери первичных свойств. 

Краска акриловая, объем 17 мл.

Отлично подходит как для аэрографа, так и для кисти.

Производство: Испания.

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