AMIG0024 Ammo Mig WASHABLE WHITE CAMO (Washable white paint for winter camouflage)

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Manufacturer: Ammo Mig

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This mixture is made from the same ingredients as the white wash-off paint of the Soviet Army used during world war II. This mixture was applied for masking in winter and easily removed with water during the thaw. Because of this property, the paint was easily worn during operation by the crew and wet weather. Such a way to camouflage was very common in other armies of the period. Simple and most realistic way of painting technique. The paint is applied with a brush or airbrush, after drying, you can apply traces of operation with a moistened brush. At the end of the work, let dry and cover and varnish for further application of weather effects.

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Внимание! Краска на основе акрила не является морозоустойчивой. При оформлении order в зимнее time года с температурой ниже нуля данная краска продается без гарантии возврата в случае утери первичных свойств. 

Краска акриловая, объем 17 мл.

Отлично подходит как для аэрографа, так и для кисти.

Производство: Испания.

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