AS-700 fengda AS-700 Turbine Compressor

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Vendor code: AS-700

Manufacturer: Fengda

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Additional Information

Turbine Compressor for small painting works and home workshop Fengda AS-700.  Only for use with a spray gun or single-acting airbrush with a nozzle of at least 0.8 mm. the recommended 1.2 mm is Suitable for use with materials such as: enamel, varnishes, polyurethanes, most compatible HVLP water coatings and more.  But not very high viscosity.


Power: 1200W

Voltage/Current: 220V-240V/50HZ/5A; 110V-120V/60HZ/6A

Air flow: 115L/Min

atmospheric pressure 0.38 bar/5.5 PSI

electrical cable: 1.9 m

weight: 7.0 kg

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Vendor code: AS-700
AS-700 fengda AS-700 Turbine Compressor

185$ 132$