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Amodel 72119 1/72 mil Hook (early version)


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B the early 50-ies of the Mil design Bureau started to design a new heavy military transport helicopter ВМ6 (Mi-6). In the first helicopter was supposed to use turboprop engines and a five-lobed screw of large diameter. Assembly of the first experimental Mi-6 was carried out in the shop at the airport Zakharkovo. June 5, 1957 test pilot R. I. Kaprelyan first tore off the Mi-6 from the ground. In 1958, the first two experienced helicopter participated in the air parade in Tushino. In 1960, after a number of modifications, the Mi-6 was put into mass production. Even in the period of state tests on the helicopter was set 17 world records. Serial production was deployed in Moscow at the N23 plant and in Rostov-on-don at the N168 plant. In addition to the basic military transport version was developed cargo version for Aeroflot, tanker, fire, etc. Large capacity of machines allowed to use it as mobile command centers (Mi-22). On the basis of the Mi-6 built a helicopter crane Mi-10K, and the power plant was used to create the heaviest helicopter In-12. In 1965, it was demonstrated with great success at the International air show in Le Bourget.

model Length: 465 mm.

Diameter of main screw: 215 mm.

Number of parts: 175.

The set includes: sprues - 25 (2 - transparent), decal - 1, Assembly instructions - 1, packing box - 1.

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Caution! Glue and paints are not included.

The configuration and appearance of the model are subject to change without notice.

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Vendor code: 72119
Amodel 72119 1/72 mil Hook (early version)