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Hasegawa 09122 1/48 J7W1 Shinden Aircraft


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Vendor code: 09122

Manufacturer: Hasegawa

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the History Of the "Sinden", the most unusual aircraft built in Japan during the Second world war, is closely related to the activities of the technical Department of Kaigun Koku Hombu, whose specialists, as a rule, were engaged in the analysis of the latest trends in the world aircraft industry, generalization of the experience of combat use of aviation and the development on the basis of this tactical and technical requirements for new Japanese aircraft. Work on the project of the aircraft, which received the military designation J7WI "Sinden" (Bright lightning), began in March 1944 years. In April 1945, the first prototype was ready. It was an all-metal low-plane, built according to the "duck" scheme, that is, the stabilizers of the horizontal tail and the six-blade pushing propeller of a variable pitch with a diameter of 3.4 were designed to ensure the most effective use of large torque. It was equipped with an emergency reset system, which was used by pilots in case of need to leave the plane with a parachute.

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