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72173 ICM 1/72 MiG-25RB, Soviet reconnaissance aircraft


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Vendor code: 72173

Manufacturer: ICM

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the Mick-25RB was the first in a series of scouts to carry bomb weapons, including nuclear weapons. Maximum mass of bombs. the load was 4000 kg. On 4 beams-holders MBDZ-U2 with locks DZU-1 (2 under the fuselage and 1 under the consoles), the aircraft can carry bombs in the following variants: 4-8 FOTAB-100-80, 8 FAB-500M-62 (or "T" (heat-resistant))) as an option for flights at supersonic speed or 1 nuclear bomb under the fuselage. Further, with the development of the aircraft, its maximum bomb load increased to 5000 kg. At 4 points it was possible to hang 10 fab-500M-62 bombs (6 under the fuselage, 4 under the wings - one after another). However, the operation of the aircraft with such a suspension showed that it is overweight: the ceiling and the maximum speed of the machine fell. When flying at subsonic speeds, the wing was loaded, and at a speed above M=0.9 in severe conditions, there were also air intakes. To preserve the ceiling and reduce the load on the structure tried - with some success - to increase the area of the upper plate of the air intakes.

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