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Main / Plastic Model Kits / Aviation / Modeler / 1/48 / 204820 Modeler 1/48 MH-6 invisible helicopter

204820 Modeler 1/48 MH-6 invisible helicopter

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Additional Information

the MN-6 is a further development of the popular MD-500 defender helicopter, a variant of the little Hughes ON-6A Kaijus used in Vietnam. The MN-6 can carry almost any combination of weapons used by American combat helicopters. However, the main feature of the “Night hawk” – “paint-invisible” – thick, matte black coating containing microscopic metal balls. Such paint partially absorbs radar radiation, and partially reflects it in such a way that the target illumination does not appear on the radar screen. In addition, the silencer of the new design and the “silent” screw does not allow to detect the helicopter from a distance of more than 2 kilometers, while its advanced fire control system is able to detect, track and destroy the target.
the MN-6 Helicopter was first presented to the public in 1988. "Flying egg"- this nickname was a prototype of this light helicopter at the plant in CULVER city in California, developed by Hughes as a light civilian helicopter and had the designation Model 369. In the us army, he appeared in 1961. The machine was intended to be used for training pilots and adjustment of artillery fire.
the Military version, which received the designation ON-6, made its first flight on February 27, 1963. The escalation of the war in Vietnam led to the fact that in may 1965. it was decided to urgently deliver to Vietnam a large number of ON-6. It was planned to produce 4,000 helicopters, however, until August 1970. it was delivered only 1417 pieces. The highest rate of production was achieved only in 1968., when a month produced 70 cars. To a large extent, this was facilitated by minimal differences between military and civilian options. Only the doors, the windshield of the cabin and the height of the ski landing gear differed. Interesting was the design of the rotor, allowing for a few minutes to dismantle the blades for the transport of the helicopter aircraft. Among the pilots, HE-6 was popular because he had a very high maneuverability at extremely low altitudes and was one of the fastest. Suffice it to say that the helicopters of this type set 23 world records of speed, range and altitude in the period from March to April 1966. After the end of the war in Vietnam before designers successful machines embarked question about its further fate. As a result, there was a multi-purpose modification of the Model 500MD. Work continues on the creation of new versions of this helicopter and now

Flight technical data MN-6
rotor Diameter, m 8,03
Area of swept surface, m 50,89
tail rotor Diameter, m 1.4
Length excluding screw, m 7,29
Height, m 2,64
Maximum speed, km/h 221
Maximum range, km 389
Practical ceiling, m 4205

Attention! Glue and paint are not included.

Caution! Glue and paints are not included.

The configuration and appearance of the model are subject to change without notice.

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