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423 Roden 1/48 Airco (de Havilland) D. H. 9


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Vendor code: 423

Manufacturer: Roden

Availability: Are available

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In 1917, to increase the combat power of British aircraft, it took a new bomber with a greater range than the D. H. 4. The prototype of the aircraft Airco D. H. 9 was created as a result of modification of the model D. H. 4. It retained the same wings, tail and similar chassis, but the fuselage had a more streamlined nose, and the cockpit was located directly above the trailing edge of the lower wing. The latter allowed the pilot and the gunner-observer to be closer to each other and eliminated problems in communication between them. Powerplant of the prototype was engine V. N. R. 230 HP, built by the Galloway Engineering Company, and sometimes referred to as the Galloway Adriatic. 

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The recommended paints
Черный матовая (Flat Black)
Тёмно-серый (Dark Gray)
Вороненая сталь (Gun Metal)
Бежевый (Beige)
Темно-зеленый матовая (Dark Green)
Ржавчина (Rust)
Светло-серый (Light Grey)
Медь (Copper)
Желтый матовая (Flat Yellow)
Белый матовая (Flat White)
Синий матовая (Flat Blue)
Серо-зеленый (Gray Green)
Светло-коричневый (Light Brown)

Caution! Glue and paints are not included.

The configuration and appearance of the model are subject to change without notice.

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Vendor code: 423
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