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40012 ARK-models 1/415 English light cruiser "tiger»

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tiger is the only battlecruiser provided by the program of the fiscal year 1911, was the last of a linear cruiser of the third generation, founded by the pre-war program, and the last type of vehicle, responsibility for which bore Philip a PBX as the head of military shipbuilding.
the tiger remained the only British battlecruiser with decent medium-caliber artillery, which was later abandoned on the hood for 140-mm guns, the power of the power plant of which exceeded 100,000 HP, and the boilers were heated only with coal.
it Became obvious that the British battlecruisers proved to be an expensive and questionable investment, and according to the 1911-12 estimate, they decided to build only one tiger battlecruiser of the improved Queen Mary type. Originally it was supposed to be the fourth cruiser of the "lion," but because of the many improvements of the type under construction in the shipyard Vickers in barrow-in-Furness Japanese battle cruiser "Kongo" was selected by Lord Fisher and substantially changed.

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Vendor code: 40012
40012 ARK-models 1/415 English light cruiser