2061 Zvezda 1/100 Dusty Crophopper


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Vendor code: 2061

Manufacturer: Zvezda

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Additional Information

dusty crophopper is the main character of the cartoon "Planes" (Planes), which will premiere August 29, 2013

dusty was designed to irrigate the fields, but this humble aircraft has always dreamed of bigger and taller! It does not bother him at all that it is not designed for racing flights, and even an innate fear of heights can not stop him on the way to the dream. With the help of his friends and the support of the honored veteran of the air battles of the Second World War, who agreed to share his valuable experience, this ambitious maize decides on the coolest adventure of his life. Moved the propeller to the propeller with professionals air races, dusty reaches unthinkable heights!

Team model dusty Crophopper easy to assemble even without the instructions. Assembling models develops children's imagination and fine motor skills of hands. The child will like, collected with their own hands, toy.

model Length: 81 mm.

Number of parts: 17.

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Vendor code: 2061
2061 Zvezda 1/100 Dusty Crophopper