5200 Zvezda 1/72 is-2 against Tiger!


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Manufacturer: Zvezda

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the Unity of technology and history has never been so harmonious! Meet the first set that goes beyond standard scales – the Great confrontation between two heavyweights, is-2 tanks and a Tiger.

the Uniqueness of this work from the company "Zvezda" is the ability not only to master the skills of Assembly, but also to learn interesting facts about the heroic victory of the Soviet troops in the great Patriotic war, to feel patriotism and pride in their Homeland.

Package includes:

-is-2 tank Scale model consisting of 118 parts in 1/72 scale;
- Scale model of the TIGER tank, consisting of 63 parts in 1/72 scale;
- Brush and Paint (4 colors);
- Assembly instruction;
- Colorful brochure with interesting facts about the history of these tanks.

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Vendor code: 5200
5200 Zvezda 1/72 is-2 against Tiger!