2050 Takom 1/35 WWII German Super Heavy Tank Maus V2

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the development Of the super-heavy tank began in early 1941, when Krupp began to study Soviet heavy tanks. In early 1942, Krupp developed prototype designs for Tiger-Maus (VK7001) and PzKpfw. VII Lowe (VK7201), but on 5-6 March 1942 a decision was made to develop a heavier tank, and work on the project Lowe were stopped. March 21-22, 1942 Porsche received a contract to develop a new 100 ton tank — VK10001 / Porsche Typ 205. On April 14-15, 1942, it was decided that the new super-heavy tank should have at least 100 shells. In may 1942, by personal decision of Adolf Hitler, the development of VK10001 took Professor Ferdinand Porsche and Dr. Muller (Krupp). Hitler wished that the new 120-ton "indestructible" heavyweight tank was armed with a powerful weapon L/60 or L/72. Orders for the production of buildings, towers and weapons were placed in the company Krupp, and for the Assembly of the company was responsible Alkett.

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The recommended paints
Темная сталь (Dark Iron)
Коричневый матовая (Flat Brown)
Оливково-серый матовая (Olive Drab)
Зеленый матовая (Flat Green)
Ржавчина (Rust)
Песочный (Sand)

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Vendor code: 2050
2050 Takom 1/35 WWII German Super Heavy Tank Maus V2