4629 Tiger Model 1/35 German Main Battle Tank Revolution I Leopard II

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German program MBT Revolution (Main battle tank revolution), designed to improve the performance of the Leopard 2 tank. For the first time the Germans told about the development of measures to improve the existing equipment at the exhibition Eurosatory-2010. Armor protection "Leopard", equipped with MBT Revolution, improved with a few hinged panels. The main attention at their creation was paid to counteraction to improvised explosive devices and mines. To prevent an enemy shell in the tank part of the "Revolution" includes the new smoke grenade launchers, ROSY, able to shoot smoke grenades in all directions in manual and automatic modes.  For self-defence kit MBT Revolution meets combat module Qimek. The remote-controlled unit is located on the turret, and the mounts allow you to install an automatic grenade launcher or machine gun on it. 120-mm smoothbore gun "Leopard" during the "revolutionary" modernization received new ammunition. This high-explosive fragmentation DM11 and armor-piercing DM53.

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