6220 Zvezda 1/72 Soviet machine gun "Maxim" with the calculation of 1941-1943 (winter)

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Manufacturer: Zvezda

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the biting cold was never a novelty to the inhabitants of the Soviet Union. In winter, warm clothes all, including the army. Machine-gun crews of the Soviet army steadfastly withstood cold and snow, without stopping to destroy the advancing enemies. Warm coat, coped with its task, allowing a long time to lie in the snow.  Machine gun "Maxim" put on skis or sleds, so it is easy to move behind the advancing infantry.

Using the mini-kit in Art of Tactic:

In the game the machine gun crew of the machine gun completely copies its prototype. Excellent reeks of advancing infantry, very mobile, and on the hill is a tough nut to crack. Cons, like all infantry units in the game, there is a Maxim: vulnerability to open terrain, vulnerability to tank guns and vulnerability to enemy aircraft. With all this, the machine gun is the support of any anti-personnel defense.

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