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ЖК1-01,00Б Roubloff Brush columns round №1


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Vendor code: ЖК1-01,00Б

Manufacturer: Roubloff

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Round brush "Roubloff" from the hair of kolinsky. A brush made of natural column pile is a high-class tool for many types of paintings. This brush has a cone shape with a perfect tapered tip, which allows you to write large dense strokes, as well as to lead a thin, elegant line. The elasticity and elasticity of the pile contribute to full control over the fluidity of paint, which is appreciated by professional masters working in both watercolor and oil techniques. Copper chrome (silver) clip. Short handle made of birch wood, transparent varnish. Round brushes, depending on the size, are designed for drawing fine details, decorative elements and ornaments, as well as for drawing medium and large elements.

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