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ЖТ1-02,04Б Roubloff Brush imitation mongoose round shortened №2


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Vendor code: ЖТ1-02,04Б

Manufacturer: Roubloff

Availability: Are available

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Round brush "Roubloff" with a short exhibition of synthetic materials that mimic the hair of a mongoose. The brush has a tougher structure than squirrel hair, but softer than pig bristles - this allows you to work with both watercolors and ink, as well as gouache and acrylic. The chrome-plated copper clip protects the hair from falling out and holds it firmly with a short glossy handle. The shape of the beam in the form of a cone with a perfect narrowed tip allows you to write large, dense strokes, as well as to lead a thin and elegant line. The brush is used for smooth transitions of playful water, trees, sketches of people and buildings using a spot.

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