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ЖS2-04,05Ж Roubloff Synthetic brush for columns flat №4


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Vendor code: ЖS2-04,05Ж

Manufacturer: Roubloff

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Flat brushes "Roubloff" with a short exhibition of synthetic materials under the speakers. The brush is used in all types of painting. The anodized aluminum clip reliably protects the product's villi and firmly attaches to the black matte handle. The rectangular shape of the brush allows you to use the tool in two ways: you can use the vertex to get contours and short strokes, as well as the entire beam plane to fill wide bands of uniform tone. It is convenient for images of architectural buildings and vehicles.

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Vendor code: ЖS2-04,05Ж
ЖS2-04,05Ж Roubloff Synthetic brush for columns flat №4