AMIG0106 Mig Ammo acrylic Paint WASHABLE SAND (RAL 8020) (wash away the sand)


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Vendor code: AMIG0106

Manufacturer: Ammo Mig

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During the Second world war, in North Africa and on the Eastern front, some armies used improvised paints to camouflage their equipment. These paints were made from local soil, gasoline, oil or other products were used as a binder. The extremely low quality of the paint led to its rapid wear, which gave the technique a very characteristic look. Under the influence of rain and active use of paint went even faster. This paint is specially designed to reproduce the memorable look of these machines. After application, you can easily recreate the traces of operation and weather conditions. Color is recommended for German machinery in Africa (DAK) and "early" machines in Central Europe and Russia. Acrylic paint, the formula is specially designed for maximum efficiency when using brushes and airbrushes. Diluted with water, odorless, non-toxic. The manufacturer recommends using AMIG -2000 Acrylic Thinner for proper dilution.

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Внимание! Краска на основе акрила не является морозоустойчивой. При оформлении order в зимнее time года с температурой ниже нуля данная краска продается без гарантии возврата в случае утери первичных свойств. 

Краска акриловая, объем 17 мл.

Отлично подходит как для аэрографа, так и для кисти.

Производство: Испания.

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