70101 Vallejo acrylic Paint `Model Color 'Set Model Color №1 Folkstone Basics (16tsv.)

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Model Color is a set of highly pigmented acrylic paints designed specifically for models and miniatures. The paint can be used on any surface but the best results are guaranteed by the application on plastic or polyester. Consistency model color allows you to apply the paint smoothly, uniform film, avoiding smears and brush marks. Professional modelers work with a wet brush, and dilute the paint with water or other suitable means, apply many layers to achieve the desired shades and color depth.

the water-based Formula was developed specifically to retain paint on surfaces such as metal and plastic, despite this mixture is not toxic, flammable and does not produce harmful fumes. Errors can be quickly eliminated by water. Drying time depends on the temperature and humidity of the medium, surface, and paint layer. In General, we can say that the drying time for touch will be a few minutes, but the moisture will continue to evaporate and the paint will reach the final stability only a few weeks after application.

This set includes 16 colors of 17 ml each. Set includes:

70.996 Gold
70.997 Silver
70.850 Medium Olive
70.851 Bright Orange
70.875 Beige Brown
70.899 Dark Prus. Blue
70.901 Pastel Blue
70.908 Rojo Carmín
70.915 Deep Yellow
70.926 Red
70.950 Negro
70.951 Blanco
70.975 Military Green
70.981 Orange Brown
70.984 Flat Brown
70.989 Sky Grey

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Внимание!!! Краска на основе акрила, не являются морозоустойчивой. Прт оформлении order в зимнее time года с температурой ниже нуля данная краска продается без гарантии возврата в случае утери первичных свойств. 

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