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UA72033 Modelcollect 1/72 Germany WWII V2 Missile launching position 2 in 1

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V-1 flying bomb, developed in Germany in the middle of the Second world war. 'V-1' was equipped with a pulsating jet engine and carried a combat unit weighing 750-1000 kg. the Range of the cruise missile was 250 km, and later was brought to 400. Combat deployment of the V-1 began in 1943, with the preparation of starting positions in France. The first blow cruise missiles was introduced on London, 13 June 1944. Only until 29 March 1945, it was running about 10,000 'V-1', 30,000 made.

Length – 108 mm, wingspan – 76 mm.

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Caution! Glue and paints are not included.

The configuration and appearance of the model are subject to change without notice.

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