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00339 Hasegawa 1/72 F-8E Crusader

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F-8E Crusader was the last modification of the Crusader family. This machine in its characteristics surpassed even the F-4 Phantom II - aircraft, which is considered to be the standard fighter. However, the company Vought received a contract for the production of only 286 aircraft. The contract was largely facilitated by the installation of an/APQ-94 Magnavox radar. On the f-8E aircraft, a Doppler sighting and navigation system with a digital computer is installed Over the enlarged fairing of this radar, a thermal radiation detector AAS-15 is mounted, aiming infrared missile guidance heads at the target. In addition, the aircraft is equipped with two powerful underwing pylons for guided air-to-ground missiles and a guidance system for these missiles mounted in the dorsal blister. For eight years, the company Vought has released 1261 car family Crusader. The last batch of 48 aircraft F-8E (FN) was released in 1965 year for France. French "Crusaders" are based on aircraft carriers "Foch" and "Clemenceau". 

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